Remote Support

While we offer a full range of support options, our most popular is REMOTE SUPPORT…  For many jobs, we offer the ability for you to sit in the comfort of your own home while we work on your computer remotely saving you time, money, and the hassle of taking your computer apart and dragging it to our office.

Virus Removal & Repair

Having a virus on your machine is sometimes noticeable, and sometimes not… A few of the signs are pop-ups, sluggishness, and website redirections.  Viruses are used by hackers to steal your information, which often amount to credit card numbers and SSN’s!  If you suspect you may have one, call us immediately!

Optimization and Tune-Ups

Is your computer not as fast as it once was?  Is it slow, bogged down with unnecessary programs?  Do programs not open as fast as they did in the past?  We specialize in cleaning machines up, getting rid of all the garbage that’s been accumulated over time and making sure that your PC runs nice and fast again!

Custom PC’s and Servers

If your machine is old and slow, it may be time to replace it.  We offer fully customizable PC’s at a very competitive cost, from standard “vanilla” desktops to full gaming machines!  Also, is your server past its limit?  Has it reached its “end-of-life”?  We offer custom servers for all of your business needs!

Hardware Replacement & Upgrades

We offer a full range of replacement parts for your PC… From failing hard drives, to blown motherboards, to simple memory upgrades, we do it all! 

Home & Business Networking

We specialize in building custom networks to fit your needs.  Do you need a file off of a different computer?  Is your business dependent on a special program?  Do you need a strong wireless solution?  We can provide it all!

Backups & More

Your data is KEY to your business, and the most important part is to make sure it’s backed up.  If you were to lose your data, your business could be irreparably damaged and suffer serious losses.  Is your data being backed up?  If so, how do you know?  Let the professionals at Vitech PC Services analyze your situation and provide expert solutions!